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  Johnson Ranger I and II We now service and/or restore these HF Amateur Transmitters Click HERE for info.

PC Replacment PC Boards

A3, amplifier board
A6, calibrator board
A7, power supply and interface board
Buy all three boards


  HP 410B and C Active RF Probe, triax cable
This cable supplies filament power to the probe as well as
couples the output to the instrument.

48" triax cable assembly (red), Super-Flex


HP410C RF Probe "nose" assembly
Complete Overhaul
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HP410B Complete Overhaul
RF Probe "nose" assembly
Test Lead Rebuild
Ask for Quote
Ask for Quote
Contact us for current sales and service information.

Kits for HP410C

DC ZERO circuitry and installation
Tube spring contact assembly
IEC Connector and Cord set
RF Probe Nose Assembly

(includes shipping)


    Kits for HP410B Calibration potentiometer kit
Tube spring contact assembly
RF Probe Nose Assembly


    Complete Product Overhaul
Let Kiss-Electronics overhaul your equipment for you. Here's what we do, and more:
  • Identify and repair electronic/mechanical problems.
  • Clean switches, pots, panels, cabinets, knobs and connectors.
  • Replace missing, corroded or blemished hardware.
  • Replace or repair test leads and connectors.
  • Repaint some or all knobs, covers, knob indices and panels.
  • Install new meter scale if necessary or possible.
  • Install AC IEC connector if necessary or possible.
  • Replace electronic parts as needed (on some units we replace all capacitors).
  • Burn in.
  • Calibrate if possible (calibration especially applies to analog meters. RF Signal Generators are checked for proper RF output levels at the bottom, midpoint and high-end of their range).



1) HP410B $95 (Labor)
2) HP410C $105 (Labor)
  (Call for photos)
EF Johnson Transmitter Specialty Modules

PTT Modules:
1) Ranger I & II
2) Valient I & II
3) Viking II

  300Vdc Voltage Regulator Modules Applicability 1) Ranger I & II $35
  150Vdc Voltage Regulator modules Applicability 1) Ranger I & II, Valiant I & II, VFO, VFO-122  
"Drive" Modules Applicability 1) Ranger I & II, Viking II, Valiant I & II. $40
    Request availability:
All prices are Plus Shipping to the lower 48 Only.
  All modules are tested in our shop prior to delivery.
All modules include unit schematic, application schematic.
All modules feature solid state control circuitry.
  *Plus shipping unless otherwise noted.

Refurbished instrument cost is exclusive of packaging (double boxing for all electronics) and shipping costs. We ship worldwide.
store: Visit our eBay store, anytime.


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