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  The Viking Ranger I and II:  

VIKING RANGER I and II: HF transmitter, AM/CW..

DESCRIPTION: This HF Transmitter is an AM/CW unit capable of 65 watts in AM mode and 75 watts in CW mode. It covers the amateur bands with a built-in VFO and internal power supply. The final amplifier tubes are 6146.


  • Modes: AM/CW
  • Bands: 160-10 meters (Ranger I) or 160-6 meters (Ranger II)
  • Input power: 65W-AM, 75W-CW
  • VFO: Internal
  • Power Supply: Internal
  • Final Amplifier tube: 1-each, 6146.
  • Modulator tubes: 2-each, 1614 (Ranger I) or 7027A (Ranger II)
  • Approximate weight: 45 lbs.
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