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1) Ranger I, Labor - Flat Rate $275*
2) Ranger II, Labor - Flat Rate $300*
3) Viking II, Labor - Flat Rate $350*
4) Valiant II, Labor - Flat Rate $375*
*Plus parts and shipping.

We disassemble the unit, wash and degrease the chassis, then refurbish the entire unit. Almost all resistors and fixed capacitors are replaced, RF string tube sockets replaced with Mil Grade Ceramic, grounding is improved, component attach hardware is replaced, wiring repaired as needed, IEC three wire AC power cord installed and much much more.
Typical parts cost for the Ranger I & II and the Viking II is $175~$350.  Specialized  services such as transformer re-winding, case and panel repainting , replacing vacuum tubes, adds substantial parts cost. Parts costs for this type of overhaul vary widely, however the figures noted are "average".
Typical overhaul turn around time for these units is 60~90 working days. ( excluding specialized services times, such as case and panel repainting and transformer rewinding).
All shipping is Fed Ex, Double Box and insured. If you ship the unit to us with a reusable double box container, you will save the cost of us constructing one.

Additional information available here.
Reservations required: Send Email Request to:

Other Johnson Transmitter Services:
1) VFO Overhaul: Range I & II, Valiant II. $105 (exchange) Plus shipping.

Email for more information:

Ms Ashley Hall (Owner), W7DUZ.
Cornelius, Oregon

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