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Kiss Electronics Repair Fee Schedule


All Cushman Service Monitors:

      (We do not service these)

HP Instruments including:

HP410C  Labor $105. Parts typically $125~$250

HP410B  Labor $105, Parts typically $50~$175

HP403   Labor $105, Flat Rate. Parts $25~$75


URM Signal Generators: URM 25D & URM25 F

   Labor: $105 FLAT RATE plus Parts

   Parts: Typically $75~$175

HP608 Family:

  We do not service these.

Logimetrics RF Signal Generators

     Labor: $200 Flat Rate plus Parts

     Parts: $75~$200

Johnson Family of Transmitters:

   Johnson Viking Ranger:    

        Labor: $275 Flat Rate

       Parts: $75~$300

   Johnson Viking II:

       Labor: $375 Flat Rate plus Parts

      Parts: $100~$300

   Johnson Viking Valiant II:

      Labor: $375 Flat Rate

      Parts: $100~$300

   Johnson Challenger

      Labor: $175 Flat Rate:

     Parts: $75~150

  SG1144 RF Signal Generator:

    Labor: $99~~$175

   Parts: $50~~$150

  Simpson 303 VTVM:

    Labor: $99 Flat Rate

    Parts: $10~$75


All Quotes exclusive of shipping fees.

All Parts Quotes are estimates and are typically parts cost for an overhaul for a specific unit.

If a unit is received that is beyond economical repair, the customer is responsible for return shipping and a Flat $25 evaluation fee.

Rev: 2/12/15

Refurbished instrument cost is exclusive of packaging (double boxing for all electronics) and shipping costs. We ship worldwide.
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