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  The HP 410C vacuum tube volt meter:  


HP 410C vacuum tube volt meter.

DESCRIPTION: This is the classic



  • Voltage Measurement Ranges: 15mv to 1500v, 11 ranges
  • DC Ammeter: 1.5ua to 150ma FS, 11 ranges
  • Input Resistance; 100meg, 10meg on the 15,50 and 150mv ranges.
  • Ohmmeter: 10ohms to 10meg, center scale
  • Analog meter display. Some variations have a hybrid instrument amplifer, some have a solid state instrument amplifier
  • AC Voltmeter: Active Probe, .5v to 300v, 7 ranges,20hz to 700mhz with HP Probe.
  • AC input impedance: 10meg decreasing as frequency increases.

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