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  The HP410B:  

HP410B.  Hewlett Packard's high frequency vacuum tube voltmeter.

DESCRIPTION: This class  of VTVM combines an AC voltmeter covering from the audio to radar frequencies and a DC voltmeter with more than 100 megohmes of input impedance.


  • Voltage measurement ranges: 1 to 300v full scale in 6 ranges
  • +/- 3% of FS scale
  • AC Frequency response to 700mhz
  • DC Input Z: 122 megohmes,
  • AC Input Z: 10mhz at low frequencies, dropping off at higher frequencies
  • Vacuum tube unit
  • Analog meter readout

We refurbish these for you, and return a standard state-of-the-art piece of test equipment. Includes new meter face, repair or replace test leads, paint cabinet, replace leather handle and a completely refurbish the electronics -- replacing components as needed.

Please be sure your VTVM is complete and all parts are included. We can supply any missing parts, leads, knobs as necessary.

  • Ready to purchase an HP 410B ? We will custom build an HP 410B for you, lead time 5~10 working days. The instrument is complete and ready to use,
    -- Cost $500 plus shipping to the lower 48.
    Shipping is Fed Ex insured for purchase price to the lower 48.

  • Please email to to order your instrument.

  • Already own this instrument? Send it to us for a complete re-work. Email for pricing to

Please note that the RF Probe vacuum tube, if replacement is needed, is an additional $125.00.

Refurbished instrument cost is exclusive of packaging (double boxing for all electronics) and shipping costs.

Domestic shipping, USA only", AK and HI included.   Shipping worldwide is a PITA of magnificent proportions and so we have decided to only ship to the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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